Inaugural ride with our new tandem

Well, a pretty good ride out to a very good pub.

Clarion arrived safe & sound chez Wowbagger and soon after Fatters turned up on his Titanium Wonder. Mrs Wow & I gave our new toy its first proper run out, and to begin with my dear wife was sinking slowly in the west as her seatpost needed tightening. I seemed to get it right at the second attempt. Also, my saddle was protesting rather, equipped as it was with a new nose bolt. I tightened it a bit, but was mindful of Sheldon’s advice that he had never come across anyone who had adjusted a Brooks saddle wihout ruining it.

There was some excitement in Rayleigh when a BMW driver decided to overtake noisily before stopping dead, and there was some conflict between Clarion’s left foot and the paintwork of the BMW. We don’t know whether the paintwork suffered, but Clarion’s foot caused him sufficient pain that we were treated to the rare sight of someone hardened to the rugged landscape of Calderdale having to dismount for the Essex hills. Undecided

We did indeed head for the Round Bush, tackling Workhouse Lane and Edwin’s Hall Road before using the Flambird’s Farm track. A quick tour of Cock Clarks & Purleigh and we were outside the pub, securing our steeds. The beer was good, the food excellent, and the only fly in the ointment was that Fatters had to shoot back along more major roads as his daughter was returning from school and he had paternal duties to perform. The other three of us varied our route slightly from the way out, coming along Buckhatch Lane and the old A130 through Rettendon, before taking Watery Lane and the Doggetts Farm track.

We arrived home just as the gloom as descending, a timely arrival as I have not yet sorted out a front light for the T-bird.

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