Pox-ridden Bastards

At Christmas, my family invented a new game.

In the game, you have to write a list of people upon whom you wish a painful and disfiguring disease. To keep it topical, we decided that only people in the news in 2005 would count. We called the game “Pox-ridden Bastards”.

Five of us played, myself, three of my children and my daughter’s boyfriend. Mrs. Wow is too sweet-natured and doesn’t wish a curse on anyone.

The rules are simple. If everyone writes down the same name, 1 point each (Tony Blair was the only one chosen by all of us). If 4 out of 5 of you write a name down, 2 points, 3 / 5 three points. To keep it snappy, we limited ourselves to 20 names each.

If you are in a minority, you have to argue the case for your choice. 2 / 5, if subsequently endorsed by the others, means 4 points. 1 / 5 means 5 points. If the others don’t agree with you, nil points.

It actually turned into a very surreal and quite alarming experience.

I got 5 points for Arial Sharon ….

My son got 5 for Tony Banks…

Two of us chose Arnold Schwarzenegger, who very quickly fell off his motor bike and was injured: 4 points.

Unfortunately, one of my 5 pointers, Jeremy Clarkson, is still walking around unscathed.

Would someone else like a game just to see if we can get him?

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