On Civil Liberties


“I also strongly disagree that our liberties are being eroded. They have been greatly increased since the adoption of the European Convention of Human Rights.”
So wrote a cycling acquaintance. My response:-
How many examples do you want?

Someone got arrested for reading out a list of 100 Iraq war dead at the Cenotaph.
You are not allowed to demonstrate within 1 km of Parliament.
I remember when members of the public could walk down Downing Street.
The Home Secretar has given himself unprecedented powers of arrest and detention without recourse to judiciary.
People are banged up in Belmarsh without trial.
This country is complicit in the illegal hostage camp at Guantanamo.
There has been a cover-up regarding “extraordinary rendition” flights in UK airspace.
The Government are hell-bent on the introduction of ID cards.
3 cyclists were arrested in Southend for cycling on the road (charge was “Obstructing the highway with a non-motorised vehicle”)
An innocent Brazilian was shot 8 times because the incompetent police thought he was a terrorist. Then they lied about what happened.
A member of this forum, is being prosecuted for cycling on the road.
Perfectly ordinary demonstrators have been held under the Terrorism act when demonstrating against the World’s biggest arms fair (how ironic is that?)

Oh, and the two biggest parties in this country want to scrap the ECHR.

And that’s without even looking anything up.

We live in a society in which the Police are being given more unfettered powers to do what they want and I am sure it is changing their attitude to their job. Everyone’s a victim of that.

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