Decisions, decisions

I am in a happy position that I will shortly be receiving my lump sum. I shan’t decide what to do with it until it actually arrives, but I feel it is my duty to spend some of it on a good riding iron.

But what?

I am really tempted by a Thorn Raven. I seriously considered getting one a few months ago but decided I couldn’t afford it so settled for the Ridgeback with the hub gear as a poor man’s compromise. That was before I applied for my pension. I like the Ridgeback very much and in some ways buying another hub gear bike would be like being unfaithful…

I am also tempted by the Thorn Raven tandem, but having only just bought a second-hand Claud Butler, that seems a bit unnecessary until we finally decide to get on with LEJoG.

I could go for a top quality touring bike with all sorts of toothsome Campag stuff.

Then again, a recumbent trike would have some advantages, but riding two abreast when on a Southend Critical Mass could really rile the coppers (don’t think the Highway Code specifically deals with trikes). I quite like the look of the Trice, as a kind of recumbent Brompton.

Then, of course, if I buy something for me, it’s only fair that I get something for my wife as well…

Decisions, decisions…

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