Television Licences

When my dad lived with us, we didn’t have to pay for a TV licence because he was over 75. He went into a home on 1/9/05 but didn’t take his TV with him.

I felt pretty sure that the licence would expire on the date he moved out, but I wanted to be certain. I emailed Capita explaining the situation. A reply asked me for my father’s new address so that his licence could be transferred.

I replied, repeating that he did not take his TV with him therefore hsi address was none of their business.

That elicited a reply from someone more senior, demanding the same information.

Meanwhile I had made a phone call and had spoken to a very efficient woman who explained clearly that far too much admin was involved to chase up dead people / old people who had gone into homes and in situations such as ours, the free licence was valid until its stated expiry date.

My response to the second email was that Capita were deliberately misleading me with the intention, had I told them my father’s new address, of transferring his TV licence and then demanding that I immediately renew. I didn’t mince words and didn’t get a reply.

A month or so later I received a “Quality Control” phone call asking me to give a mark from 1 to 10 on a series of points about my dealings with Capita. I gave them the lowest mark possible on each occasion.

When I was asked what they could do to improve their service, I said something along the lines of “Take TV licensing out of the hands of duplicitous private companies only intent on making a quick buck and renationalise it, thereby putting it in the hands of people who want to supply a public service”.

It so happens that Capita are the self-same company that now administers the Civil Service Pension Scheme. They have just awarded me my pension early.

I wouldn’t hear a word said against them.

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