Repeat Performance

Tonight we repeated our July 5th ride, with a small amount of tweaking, but in a faster time. In fact, we probably went further and our descent of Lifstan Way, all freewheeled, took us to 30.6 mph, our fastest yet on the tandem. Next time I’m going to get in a high gear and see what happens.

We had an ice cream at Uncle Tom’s Cabin on Shoebury Common, but after that we had an unbroken ride home save for a brief examination of the front wheel to see why it was rubbing the mudguard. Probably some of the spokes settling. They were all intact.

We completed the last 12 miles of the ride in well under an hour.

Mrs. Wow is still not happy with her saddle. We took the Brooks Flyer off and put on a gel saddle which she had beeen using on the Brompton, but it was evidently no better.

Is there any evidence that a saddle that is too low will tend to give more bum pain than one which is the correct height? My wife is a good, long-legged lass but wants the comfort blanket of being able to put a good deal of foot on the ground.

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