Father Christmas gets a Present

One day a big box arrived at Father Christmas’s house.

He was pleased to get it.

He opened it carefully with one of Mrs. Christmas’s best kitchen knives. She didn’t know he had borrowed it.

Inside the box there was a bicycle.

“Out you come, my lovely!” said Father Christmas as he lifted the bicycle out of its box.

He carefully straightened the carbon bars with his special carbon bar straightening tool…

Then he stood proudly in front of the camera with his new bicycle.

There were some very pretty bits to the bicycle. There was a Rohloff Speed hub…

and a Schmidt hub dynamo.

Soon Father Christmas was ready for his first ride.

“I name this bike Charlotte Emilia Fatbloke!” said Father Christmas as he set off.

Soon he was heading out into the traffic…

…and down to the open sea.

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