Day Five – Pontrhyfendigaid to Mwnt

We had an early start with wet tents and didn’t hang around. We passed through Tregaron and anyone who knows anything about Tregaron knows that there’s quite a bit of climbing to be done, whichever way you leave. We took the B4342, heading west, but there was precious little in the way of anything except remote sheep farms along that road. Several times I had to get off and push and after a while Charlotte suggested tea. She got her stove out and was Mother. We had some fig rolls as well.

We cracked on and it wasn’t all that long before we reached the A487 again and we kept up a remarkable speed for such heavily laden cyclists. We happened upon a “greasy spoon” style cafĂ© and went in for a lunch of the “all day breakfast” variety and Charlotte managed to check her emails. It turned out that there was a quite significant one which required her early return to London, which was a great disappointment to me. I felt that, although we had been through some lovely countryside, the Pembrokeshire coast was going to be the icing on the cake. We headed off to the campsite at Mwnt which, although it is in Cardiganshire, I regard as being the most northerly of the lovely beaches for which the Pembroke coast is renowned.

We pitched our tents in the lee of a hedge and I went for a stroll along the footpath towards the sea. It was very spectacular but there was nowhere safe for a swim.


We decided that if the weather was pleasant, the following morning we would have a look at Mwnt beach proper, about a mile north of the camp site, right by the conical hill in the above photo.

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