Day 6 – Mwnt to our parting and (for me) to Trefin

I awoke early and it was still cloudy and cold I put an extra fleece on while lying in my sleeping bag. Charlotte slept through to 7.40 so I had a shower and washed yesterday’s shorts and top.

There was some rice left over form last night’s curry (camping stove made, of course) so I added and egg and fried it up. It was filing rather than appetising. Once we’d packed up our tents we headed for Mwnt beach via the footpath and a cowfield. Charlotte spent some time getting to know the residents better.Charlotte and bovine

On several occasions we noticed that the weather was very annoying: there was blue sky out to sea but as soon as the west wind started to rise, so clouds would form and obscure the sun. The higher the ground, the thicker the cloud. I had a pretty good swim. We were alone on the beach so I took advantage whilst in the water and had a skinny dip, my trunks draped over my shoulder, but there were too many people in the caravan site who were liable to come down to the beach at any moment so I was clad again when I emerged onto the beach. Charlotte, sadly, was hors concours so far as swimming was concerned because of the wound to her leg.

Mynydd Preseli

That’s the view over the Preseli mountains, over which Charlotte would have to ride later in the day on her way back to Haverfordwest station. Before we reached Cardigan the sky began to clear quite nicely.

We said our farewells and I headed off on my own, feeling a little down. I’m not that good with my own company and I definitely prefer that of someone else. However, the weather was doing its best to cheer me up and, for the first time on trip, I was treated to long spells of unbroken sunshine.

Somewhere in North Pembrokeshire

I found a very nice pub in Nevern and bought some lunch and then it was back onto the A487 into Fishguard. There were two chevrons to negotiate and I walked up the hill into the town. I can’t stand cycling really slowly when there’s fast traffic coming past.

I saw two promising-looking beaches on the map – Aber Bach and Aber Mawr. They were very pretty and I thought about a spot of wild camping there, but I didn’t really feel comfortable with that as I didn’t have sufficient water-carrying capacity.

Somewhere in North Pembrokeshire

After a few more miles I found myself in Trefin and its camp site. I pitched my tent, cooked some food, had an excellent shower in the new block and then had an early night.

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