YACF Forum Ride from Stowmarket

That was indeed a wonderful day. The weather was very pleasant and after 11ses I removed my longs, carefully checking that I’d remembered to put my cycling shorts on before doing so. What really makes these days so much fun is the lovely people though. I’d ridden with everyone before at one time or another, but in many cases too long ago.

The Low House was its usual splendid self. Fifteen of us sat down to lunch and Pixieannie graced us with her presence and showed me 50% of her new piercings. I had a fumble about to see if I could find the other 50% but since she didn’t seem to object too much I’ve got a feeling that I didn’t find it.

We benefited from a very helpful tailwind before lunch and it was only when the road kinked briefly to the north-west that we realised how helpful it was. After lunch, I think it had dropped rather so that was a bit of luck.

I took some photographs.

Don’t tangle with this grim-looking lot

Wobbly John – a picture of sartorial elegance.

Nutkin and Morrisette

Over the shoulder: Loadsabikes and Annie-not-currently-of-this-parish

L to R: Loadsabikes, Marco Stefano, Morrisette, Mrs. Miggins, Canardly, Jane, Nutkin, Wobbly John, Mrs. Wow, Annie-not-currently-of-this-parish, Petes46.

Riding into the sunset

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