St. John Street Cycles

Absolutely wonderful service from SJS Cycles this week.

As a result of incompetence trying to put a new sprocket on my Rohloff I damaged the component into which the puller’s splines fit. Understandably I was rather aggrieved at this and phoned SJS for advice. I was put through to Dave, their Rohloff specialist, who said that I probably didn’t have the puller locked on tightly enough with the QR skewer, which I’m sure is right. He said “I’ve got the parts available to fix that: send it to me.”

I did, on Monday afternoon. It cost me £49.50 by parcel force, insured for £1000 on a two day delivery, so they probably didn’t get it until yesterday. The wheel arrived back this morning, fixed repaired. The invoice for £0.00 was attached.

I’m struggling to think of better service I’ve ever had from any company.

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