Day Seven – Trefin to West Hook

For the first time I woke to what promised to be a warm and sunny day. I had a leisurely start and chatted to some other campers, including a chap named Tony Pember, who is part of the audax community.

The cycling was marvellous, with perfect views of one of the finest stretches of coastline in Britain.Somewhere in North Pembrokeshire

I headed for St. David’s, had a strollSaint David's¬†around the cathedral and found a caf√©.

I continued along the coast road. Typically, the riding takes you about 250′ to 300′ above sea level but, where small streams have cut valleys on the sandstone, there are sharp descents down 1 in 6 hills and up the other side again. I passed through Solva, Newgale and at Nolton Haven I spied the Mariner pub and went in for lunch and beer. There was a stuffed albatross on the wall and, in order to fit it into a glass case, its wings had been subjected to some intricate origami. There were quite a few people on the beach enjoying the warm weather.

Nolton Haven

I stopped in Broad Haven for an ice cream and then carried on through Marloes village to West Hook farm where I pitched my tent before having a mediocre meal at the Lobster Pot pub in Marloes village. After I had eaten I strolled to Wooltack point and watched the sun set in the sea.Sunset over Skomer


1 thought on “Day Seven – Trefin to West Hook

  1. Hello,

    just found your blog and was interested in your hereford to Llandovery blog. I live near Carmarthen and have recently rediscovered biking and to increase my mileage I intend to cycle from home, camp where you did (I know it well as we used to access the river here for canoeing).

    I then found day 7 of an August 2012 ride in St davids, but cannot find day 1 to 6.

    Is it me?

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