Slow train to Luxembourg

We weren’t that impressed with what we saw of Brussels. Eurostar dumps you off to the south of the city, which is a bit scruffy and the Bedford Hotel, where we spent the night, is on the way to the centre, so we almost certainly didn’t see the best bits. Our hotel is in an area of the city known as Stalingrad, no doubt celebrating the role its residents and the Soviet army played in the defeat of the nazis. So, when Karl Marx’s 200th birthday dawned bright and hopeful, we were in Stalingrad.

Our task today was to get to Luxembourg. It is too far for us old codgers to cycle, being about 140 miles, but we felt that 90 minutes on a train should do it, but to out great surprise the train took well over 3 hours and cost €43 per person and €13 per bike. We researched the possibility of a bus, and the journey seemed to take less time and only cost about €12 but we couldn’t find anyone to tell us about bikes, so in the end we caught the train.

Luckily our hotel, the Empire, is just across the road from the station so we settled straight in and then wandered around the city. We definitely approved of this one. Luxembourg has a deep ravine dividing it into two and there are two spectacular bridges over it. I expected to see an impressive river flowing below us but there was hardly a trickle, just a lot of attractive ornamental gardens.

There was some sort of festival on, with all kinds of sweets for sale, but we opted for a restaurant with steak and schnitzel. Then another wander back to the hotel and a couple of beers before bed.

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