It was all kept very hush-hush, but Woolly managed to organise a nice little ride for Peliroja, whose 30th birthday it is in a day or two. Mrs. Wow and I caught the 8.15 train to Fenchurch Street and then cycled the entire length of the Embankment to Parsons Green, and then onto Woollypeli Villas where tea, cake and surprised expressions were the order of the morning. Then we cycled to Windsor, visiting a couple of pubs en route.

It was a gorgeously relaxed day with about twenty riders, I think. I was still pretty knackered after only managing something like 9 hours’ sleep in the past 48. Regulator managed to wind up a BMW driver perhaps more than any I’ve seen of late. There were strong words exchanges, slammings into reverse, squeals of tyres and finally, it seemed that the fine man had been intending to take his family to the same pub that we were going to, and when he saw that all these cyclists were there, he changed his mind and roared off, gesticulating in amost┬ávulgar fashion as he disappeared.

It was a really lovely day.

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